Payment and Insurance Information:.

Psychological Testing-  Full Psychoeducational Evaluation

  • Determines if attention, anxiety, mood, or other psychological issues are present.
  • Determines which issues are primary and which issues may be secondary or coexisting conditions.
  • Gathers information from multiple sources.  For children and adolescents, this includes gathering information from parents, teachers, and the child or adolescent's own self-report.  For adults, this includes gathering information from the individual, but also collecting rating scale data from other sources such as a parent, spouse, or friend.
  • Provides specific recommendations to improve an individual's functioning at home, school, and among his or her peers.
  • Includes an IQ test to look for areas of strength, to gather information related learning potential, and to assess for processing issues related to working memory and processing speed.  Also includes achievement testing to determine if any learning issues or specific learning disorders are present.

A comprehensive psychological evaluation is an important first step in determining why an individual may be having difficulty in school, at home, at work, or with his or her peers.


Treatment Services:.

  • At the current time Dr. Kane focuses primarily on Psychological Evaluations and is not accepting referrals for new therapy clients.    
  • Uses core tests including the most updated Wechsler Intelligence Scales (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, WAIS-IV) and the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement (WJ-IV).  In addition, other tests specifically selected to address the referral question are also added.  For example, additional measures to further evaluate for the presence of specific learning disorders such as reading disorders (i.e. dyslexia), disorders of written expression, or specific learning disorders with impairment in mathematics are added if needed.
  • Test battery includes all measures required for documentation of attention, learning, and psychological disorders for public schools, private schools, colleges, or graduate schools.
  • Includes specific recommendations and, if warranted, accommodations for academic settings and standardized testing situations.
  • Cash, checks, credit cards, and health savings account cards  will be accepted
  • Insurance companies vary with how well they cover these kinds of evaluations and many do not cover these kinds of evaluations very well.  In order to provide comprehensive services and an individualized and detailed report, Dr. Kane is not on any insurance panels.  Insurance is not accepted.
  • An itemized invoice with dates of service and procedural codes will be provided if you would like to submit your own insurance.
  • Families are expected to pay for services in full prior to the final feedback session.  Most families pay half the full amount at the first parent session and the second half at the feedback session.  Further information about costs and payment will be provided.  If interested, please contact Dr. Kane for more information.


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